Friday, 4 November 2011

My favourite lipglosses - Collection 2000 Hotlights

I mentioned a little bit about these glosses in my "Pretty lips" post. I decided to do more of a review and show you some of the colours I have (so far).

I love these glosses because they are not sticky or gloopy, they are really sparkly/shiny but you cannot feel any "bits" in them, they don't really taste of anything and the packaging is FAB! The mirror and light attract so much attention when I use it EVERYONE wants to look at it.

At first I thought why would I need a light on my lipgloss I never do my makeup in the dark but you'll be suprised how it helps you see what you're doing even better especially in dim lit rooms, pubs or clubs.

I wear these either alone for a nude gloss or over lipsticks for amazing shine.

4 Sparkle over Maybelline 420 coral pop

4 Sparkle - alone for a beautiful glossy nude

5 Glow - alone, my favourite

I also have star which is another nice nude or beautiful over any lipstick more on the beige/gold side.

So if you haven't yet, you must try of these...I got mine from Superdrug and I think one from Asda around £5 each.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

E.L.F eyes

My new E.L.F products mineral eyeshadows in Elegant and Caffinated and waterproof eyeliner pen.

Pretty lips

Loving this bright, pretty lip colour

I love, love, love these lipglosses, I have about 4 of these in various colours, they are lovely and shiny/sparkly. They have a mirror on the side and when you screw off the lid they have a light fitted in the lid....fab on a night out!!

These are the products I used to create this lip colour Maybelline lipstick in 420 coral pop and collection 2000 hotlights lipgloss in 4 sparkle.

My first E.L.F order


Sorry I haven't posted for ages, been hectic....I'm back now!

Just received my first E.L.F order, I've read a lot about the E.L.F products they are amazing value for money and there are some really good products so thought I would try some out.

Firstly my order arrived in only a couple of days and I had used the halloween code so I got 20% off my order so none of my items were over £3!!!! Bargain

I ordered 4 mineral eyeshadows (angelic, elegant, confident and caffinated), a waterproof eyeliner pen, a volumising and lengthening waterproof mascara, 2 pressed powders (Porcelain and buff), 4 brushes and 4 pairs of lashes....£32.00!

I've had a look at all the products and I'm impressed with everything so far...I'm yet to use them properly and test out their wear.

The waterproof eyeliner pen is FAB!!!!!!!!! I was using a virgin cosmetics one for ages that I loved and I used every last drop so I ordered this one to try and its great. The nib is quite stiff so you can get really good control and it lasts sooooo well! I paid £1.20 for it!

Some looks and reviews coming up so watch this space!

Whats your favourite E.L.F product? xx

Friday, 19 August 2011

Trying something new

Tonight I thought I would have a play with colour, I usually do bridal, day, evening looks nothing too wacky so I thought I'd try some really bright shades. I'm loving all the bright colours and nail polishes that are around at the moment so I thought why not have a play with some of the bright neon shades in my bargain eye palette.

Not a look I'd wear to tesco but pretty colours, reminds me of a sunset!

Then I thought I'd try something similar to one of the MAC trends for this years V festival and do a black and gold smoky eye, again using my bargain eye palette.

The MAC look is more dark all around the eye, where as I wanted to try and do a more wearable version!

What do you think of these two looks?


I'm really into golds, peaches and coral colours at the moment I think they are so pretty and summery.

I'm loving this Chanel compact in 79 spices

I love these shades for a natural, soft look also great for brides. 


I've heard lots of good reports about Sleek, an affordable makeup range available in Superdrug. So I decided to try 2 products from their range.

The first one is this eye palette in Storm

It has some great colours including 3 matte shades. You can use them wet or dry. I have used them dry and the colours are great, there can be quite a bit of product fall down with the dark colours so maybe do eyes first then you don't disturb your foundation.

A great price at £6.49 for 12 shades, well worth a try!

The other Sleek product I bought is the Face contour kit in Light. I love love love this product a gorgeous matte bronzer perfect for fair complexions and a shimmery highlighter (which is a little light for me personally) Also available in medium and dark. RRP £6.50

Stila smoky eye the talking palette

This palette I received last year for my birthday and have used it almost every day.

As you move it the eye closes

Guess which colour I use the most??

This palette is so versatile from a soft day look through to a night time full on smoky eye. Through the day I use the lightest colour as my base, the 2nd colour in my crease and either the 3rd or last colour along the lashline and underneath as a soft liner. The third colour I also use sometimes with a MAC 266 brush through my brows (for a night time look)

The palette does talk (even a year on!) but be warned once you press it, you can't stop it lol!

Neutrogena 3 in 1 daily cleansing lotion

Lately I've been suffering from lots of blocked pores around my forehead and chin :0( So whilst doing my grocery shopping I came across Neutrogena's visbly clear 3 in 1 daily cleansing lotion and decided to give it a go. It retails for around £4 so I thought it was worth a shot.

I noticed it contained Salicylic acid which I have been reading lots about at the moment. Salicylic acid works by causing the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, opening clogged pores and neutralising bacteria it also prevents pores from clogging up again by reducing pore diameter.

I always smell everything especially before putting it all over my face, the fragrance is very pleasant and clean smelling however the alcohol level is very high so kind of takes your breath away (but hasn't been too strong for my skin).

I cleansed my skin doing my normal double cleanse (cleansing twice!) with my regular cleanser until the cotton pads were clean I then decided to use the cleansing lotion as a toner so I put it onto a damp cotton pad and wiped over my face, it felt nice and left my face feeling clean, as I looked at the pad I was shocked at the colour, afterall I had done my cleanse and thought my skin was clean but....No!

I have been using this product for about a week now, morning and night and I have already noticed a slight improvement so will continue using it and report back.

Moulin rouge makeup

My friend was going to a dress up party and decided on Moulin rouge as her theme, here is a basic makeup look I created for her.

No makeup

Moulin rouge makeup

Ready for the party!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

My bargain eye palette

This is my bargain eye palette. (Excuse the camera :0/)

I bought it with very low expectations due to the price, but decided to have a play and these are some of the looks I created.

I found the pigment to be pretty good, there was a bit of product fall down but overall I was pretty impressed!

Others products used in these looks are:
Estee lauder doublewear light foundation
MAC brow pencil - Fling
MAC Lip liner - Subculture
MAC lipstick - Angel

Both looks have strip lashes applied.