Friday, 4 November 2011

My favourite lipglosses - Collection 2000 Hotlights

I mentioned a little bit about these glosses in my "Pretty lips" post. I decided to do more of a review and show you some of the colours I have (so far).

I love these glosses because they are not sticky or gloopy, they are really sparkly/shiny but you cannot feel any "bits" in them, they don't really taste of anything and the packaging is FAB! The mirror and light attract so much attention when I use it EVERYONE wants to look at it.

At first I thought why would I need a light on my lipgloss I never do my makeup in the dark but you'll be suprised how it helps you see what you're doing even better especially in dim lit rooms, pubs or clubs.

I wear these either alone for a nude gloss or over lipsticks for amazing shine.

4 Sparkle over Maybelline 420 coral pop

4 Sparkle - alone for a beautiful glossy nude

5 Glow - alone, my favourite

I also have star which is another nice nude or beautiful over any lipstick more on the beige/gold side.

So if you haven't yet, you must try of these...I got mine from Superdrug and I think one from Asda around £5 each.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

E.L.F eyes

My new E.L.F products mineral eyeshadows in Elegant and Caffinated and waterproof eyeliner pen.

Pretty lips

Loving this bright, pretty lip colour

I love, love, love these lipglosses, I have about 4 of these in various colours, they are lovely and shiny/sparkly. They have a mirror on the side and when you screw off the lid they have a light fitted in the lid....fab on a night out!!

These are the products I used to create this lip colour Maybelline lipstick in 420 coral pop and collection 2000 hotlights lipgloss in 4 sparkle.

My first E.L.F order


Sorry I haven't posted for ages, been hectic....I'm back now!

Just received my first E.L.F order, I've read a lot about the E.L.F products they are amazing value for money and there are some really good products so thought I would try some out.

Firstly my order arrived in only a couple of days and I had used the halloween code so I got 20% off my order so none of my items were over £3!!!! Bargain

I ordered 4 mineral eyeshadows (angelic, elegant, confident and caffinated), a waterproof eyeliner pen, a volumising and lengthening waterproof mascara, 2 pressed powders (Porcelain and buff), 4 brushes and 4 pairs of lashes....£32.00!

I've had a look at all the products and I'm impressed with everything so far...I'm yet to use them properly and test out their wear.

The waterproof eyeliner pen is FAB!!!!!!!!! I was using a virgin cosmetics one for ages that I loved and I used every last drop so I ordered this one to try and its great. The nib is quite stiff so you can get really good control and it lasts sooooo well! I paid £1.20 for it!

Some looks and reviews coming up so watch this space!

Whats your favourite E.L.F product? xx